Gox Rising is a movement related to the Mt Gox bankruptcy process with the goal to:

  1. Keep creditors informed
  2. Support creditors being paid out as quickly as possible
  3. Maximize distribution to creditors
  4. Pursue the missing coins
  5. Revive the exchange


Together as a community of creditors and industry experts, Gox Rising seeks to restore the reputation of cryptocurrency and implement new solutions for modern issues like the Mt Gox collapse


CR PLAN PROPOSAL – The Civil Rehabilitation Plan (the “CR Plan”) presented herein details the pillars of a comprehensive recovery strategy. It represents the community’s goals and serves as guideline to the Trustee.

VISION – The Vision Statement further elaborates on a process that will serve to make creditors whole… and possibly more by pursuing opportunities that may be outside of the legal proceedings already underway in the Japanese courts.

About The CR Plan

Points of the plan supported by the creditors of GoxRising:

  1. The implementation should focus on a high degree of certainty
  2. No distribution of the current assets will be made to shareholders
  3. Claims for return of bitcoins will be repaid in bitcoin and bitcoin cash

About GoxRising

We are a group of Mt. Gox creditors, forming a creditors' steering committee intended to find consensus among global creditors.

Our goal is to maximize the speed, certainty, and size of creditor recovery.

Contact Us


Email: hello@goxrising.com